Things to do besides House Crawl

I know this weekend is house crawl Bees, and it is an Ambrose tradition. But, if you’re not into drink all day like your fellow classmates, here is a list of plenty of other things you can do besides being buzzed.

  1. Go movie hopping all day. Buy one ticket, and then go catch up on all those movies that you haven’t had time to see. Or, watch Beauty and the Beast three times. Staying away from campus will make sure you don’t have to see the craziness that is house crawl. movie smile watch michael jackson watching GIF
  2. Bowling. The Quad Cities is full of bowling allies that are pretty cheap. If the weather isn’t the warmest this weekend, head inside and bowl the day away. Get some friends together and take a bet, the one with the lowest score buys Whiteys.  sports bowling tackle GIF
  3. Riverfront Shopping. Downtown is full of small business who love new customers. Along with great shopping, there is some really good food and beautiful sites. Plus, on weekends there is the farmer’s market stands to go through.  Image result for downtown davenport
  4. Le Claire, Iowa. Le Claire is a super cute small town that is only 20 mins from Davenport. It is full of cute shops and beautiful scenery. Getting out of town is a great way to avoid the crazy. Image result for le claire iowa
  5. Netflix and Pizza. If you want to avoid spending money, locking yourself in your room with some friends and binge watching a new show might be the way to go. Plus, if you get delivery you never have to put real clothes on and can stay in your PJs all day. Gilmore Girls netflix gilmore girls season 1 episode 6 GIF

There you go Bees. Now you have 5 fun ideas for this weekend besides House Crawl. If you do cho0se to do House Crawl, please be safe out there. It is a fun right of passage most Ambrosians choose to do, but that doesn’t mean you have to be stupid.