What We Know so Far About The Package Bomber

Cesar Sayoc

In case you haven’t read a ton of things in the news, recently there was some suspicious packages coming through the U.S. postal service. The whole thing began on October, 22 when an employee of a billionaire investor found an odd package in the billionaire’s mailbox.


The very next day the Secret Service caught a pipe bomb addressed to Hillary and Bill Clinton. Secret Service then said that the pipe posed no threat as it wasn’t ignited. Over the next three days 11 more packages containing pipe bombs were found, all being sent to people who have criticized Trump and are or were higher up in government.

On Friday Cesar Sayoc was arrested in Plantation, Florida. His van was covered in stickers, including one that said “CNN sucks.” The FBI had been on a nationwide manhunt for the bomber. The FBI found fingerprints on one of the packages and entered it into their database which popped up as Sayoc. All the bombs were almost identical. Each one containing about six inches of PVP pipe, a small clock, a battery, wiring, and energetic material.


Sayoc had been living in his van which was plastered with stickers about Trump and anti-democrat barbs. The stickers seemed to not be damaged by the harsh Florida sun. The van was covered with a blue tarp and moved to an FBI location for more investigation. Sayoc could receive up to 48 years in prison for his attempted bombings. None of the bombs were detonated and no one was injured, thankfully. Found inside of the vehicle so far was soldering equipment, stamps, envelopes, paper, a printer and powder. This led to reason to believe he was making the bombs in his van.


Old court records have said that Sayoc was previously arrested nine separate times. In 2002 he was arrested for threatening to bomb a power company. This led to one year of probation. In 2014 he was arrested for stealing, as a few short examples. The investigators say they looked up his Twitter profile and found anti-semitism and harsh memes about politics.

Sayoc is in custody in Miami and is set to go to court next Friday for his detonation.

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