Spooky Season

It’s that time of year again! It’s time for pumpkin carving, costume contests, and trick or treating! To kick off this spooky season here’s 10 things to get you feeling spooky!

Spook-Tober on Freeform

Usually ABC family has always done their “13 night of Halloween,” but this year they have blessed us with 31 days! Cuddle up with the cold weather and check out some of the greatest Halloween movies of all time!


Factory Of Fear

This haunted house is located in Moline, Il just across the river! It’s the longest running haunted house in the Quad Cities! If you love to be scared or want to face your fears, check it out this October!


Get A Killer Costume!

I love dressing up and I mean who wouldn’t? It’s the one night of the year that you can be whoever you want to be! Whether you want to be cute, scary, or funny Halloween allows for all of these options! You can be Mike Myers, Michael Scott, or Mike from Monster’s inc!

Trick or Treat!

Are you really ever too old to go out and get some candy? Go around and scare all your friends in their dorm building! Then after you can catch spooktober! If you have a little niece or nephew, take them! It’s well worth watching their faces light up as they receive candy!


Skellington Manor

This haunted house is located in Rock Island, Il. They have murder mystery dinners, an escape experience, and a haunted house! If you’re looking for a unique experience, then visit the manor! You receive a card at the beginning and find out if you make it out… or not.


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