20 Best Snacks for Your Spring Break Road Trip

Who can deny that the best part of any road trip is the snacks? I mean what else will get you through the never-ending, leg-cramping, sanity-testing drive.   And it doesn’t matter how old you are, if your road trip snack bag doesn’t look like an unsupervised 9-year old was given $100, you’re doing it wrong.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered because these snacks pretty much guarantee a great trip! Here are 15 classic road trip snacks and 5 healthy options for your Spring Break getaway.

  1. Pringles


The canister fits in a cup holder, so you don’t have to ask the backseat to pass up the chips.  Again.  And again.

  1. Twizzlers


Dont’ even think about bring black licorice.  Just don’t.

  1. Cheese-Its


Cheesier and saltier than their small fishy friends.  Bonus if you get the fun Scrabble version which doubles as a snack and entertainment.

  1. Gardettos


Everybody’s favorite snack mix.  I mean who can resist those savory rye chips.  You can even buy a whole bag of them here.

  1. Gummy Bears


Any road trip requires a sugar high and there is no way you wouldn’t pop these bright bears by the handful.  Get a five-pound bag of the “World’s Best Gummis” here.

  1. Puppy Chow


You don’t even have to mess up your kitchen before your trip because now you can get them in premade bags from any convenience store!

  1. Granola Bars



With so many options, there’s a granola bar out there for anyone and everyone.  And they’re super portable so when you get to your destination, toss one in your day bag.

  1. Trail Mix


Just like granola bars, trail mix is super customizable and can be made of virtually anything.  (pssst monster cookie mix is my favorite)

  1. Pretzel Sticks


The ultimate crunchy road trip snack and they can be dipped in so peanut butter, hummus, guac, ranch and so much more.

  1. Lunchables


Relive your elementary school days with your favorite grab-and-go snack.

    11. Animal Crackers


Whether you bite the heads or the butts off first, these small crackers are great for sweet snacking.

  1. Cheetos


What kind of criminal would I be if I didn’t include these dusty puffs on the list!?

  1. Slurpees


Although you can’t pack them ahead of time, you’ve gotta stop for gas at some point and so you might as well get something refreshing.

  1. Oreos

10020years20of20oreo20packaging208.jpgHave you been dying to try those red velvet Oreos? Well now’s your chance to indulge.

  1. Movie Theater Candy


No need to sneak these beauties in the car.  And for $1 a piece, what a steal.

  1. Beef Jerky


The mother of all road trip snacks.  This convenient snack is packed with protein to help keep you going on the road.

  1. Mini Cheeses


Be it Babybels, string cheese or cubed bites, cheeses are just so gouda for a long trip.

  1. Grapes


Perfectly pop-able and guilt free.

  1. Veggies


Carrots and celery are easy to pack and just like pretzel sticks, can be dipped in just about anything!

  1. No Bake Energy Bites


Have no fear, these are easy to prepare and a perfect pop of protein.  Find recipes for cranberry pistachio, Nutella, Almond Joy and Peanut Butter snack bites over at Gimme Some Oven.

So there you have it.  Pack your snacks with pride.  Go ahead and get your snack on this Spring Break.


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