SAU Dance Marathon Push Day

Last Thursday St. Ambrose Dance Marathon had a goal to raise $18,000 in one day. They started their day off with selling coffee and donuts, and also had a t-shirt sale going on throughout the day. As the afternoon rolled around, they had a Radiothon with KALA to get the word out into the community about Dance Marathon.IMG_1311

From there, students went canning, which is going door to door asking for donations. Once students got back they were prepared to get a glimpse of what power hour at the big event would look like by participating in 30 for 30. Students were able to experience 30 minutes of power hour for being 30 days out from the Big Event. At 9:30pm they had a bean bag tournament, a bounce house, and minute to win it games to allow students to have a break and play some fun games. From 11pm to midnight the talent of Ambrose came out as SAUDM held karaoke in the Rogo food court. Shortly after midnight, the moment everyone had been waiting for happened; the reveal of how much had been made that day. As the numbers slowly rose, you could see the eagerness on people’s faces as well as the tears in their eyes. As the last two numbers rose they revealed that the SAUDM had raised $23,168.08 in ONE day for the kids at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. They had raised $5,000 over their initial goal of $18,000. Next is the big event on March 24th where their goal is to have raised $235,000 throughout this past year for the hospital. Register here to be a part of SAU Dance Marathon.



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