Restaurants for When You Are Hungry & Broke

Being a college student can be difficult. Having to get all of your papers, assignments and tests under control can be stressful enough but looking at your bank account and seeing a number that is not what you want, can make it all worse. What are you supposed to do when you are hungry but can not afford to get groceries? Or if you missed the Cosgrove Cafe hours? These six restaurants are all in the Quad Cities, yummy, and will not break the bank.

1. The Grinders & Spaghetti House

The Grinders & Spaghetti House is a great place to get a filling and cheap meal all while enjoying every bite! They have a large menu of sandwiches, pasta, salad and bread. All options are available for dining in or carry out. There are three locations in the Quad Cities, Davenport, Bettendorf and Moline. grinders

2. Bowl’s Urban Eats

Bowl’s Urban Eats offers a large variety of amazing flavored food. They offer Italian, Classic American and Far East Asian offerings. They have something that everyone will enjoy with portions that will not leave you hungry. It is a great and tiny space located in the heart of downtown Davenport.

3. La Finca

If you are in the mood for great Mexican food, then La Finca is the place to go. La Finca offers authentic Mexican food that will hit the spot every time. They offer takeout or the option to eat there. They offer great made from scratch food with great prices and people. Many will say it is a hidden gem.

4. Village Inn

Village Inn is the perfect place to go when you are unsure of if you want breakfast, lunch or dinner. They offer hundreds of different options and with a lot of great deals and prices. Many coupons for Village Inn can be found in newspapers which gives you even better prices!

5. Little Caesars

Little Caesars‘ slogan is the perfect description, they are always “fast and ready” to offer you pizza at a good price. Though it may not be the best pizza you will ever eat, it is pizza that will feed your rumbling stomach and does not cost an arm or a leg. They offer a $5 pizza that can be accompanied by their Crazy Bread, Garlic Sticks or other sides of your choice. authentic-new-york-pizza-089cd28a335e19c3e282c99dc41622ed

6. Zeke’s Island Cafe

Zeke’s Island Cafe offers a lot of great options from American, Caribbean to Hawaiian. They even offer gluten-free and vegetarian options! Zeke’s is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat because they offer so many options at such great prices.


Being a student is difficult enough and thinking that you can only afford your microwavable mac and cheese because of your low funds makes it worse! Be sure to check out and stop by some of these great locations in the Quad Cities area and try them for yourself!



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