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The middle east isn’t having a typical Sunday at all.  An earthquake killing over 100 people, and injuring over 1,000 people occurred Sunday.  It had a magnitude of 7.3 near the Iraq-Iran border, in the Iraqi city of Halabja.  The Meteorological Organization in Iraq issued a warning on the Iraqi State TV.  This warning was telling the citizens to stay away from buildings and do not use elevators unless you absolutely have to.  Shocks from this horrific earthquake were stated to be felt all over.  Sad and tragic how earthquakes and hurricanes are continuously occurring in the world.  People must start taking the warnings more serious, and take all precautions necessary when a massive weather occurrence is stated.

Click here for their earthquake tracker


plane crash

With more tragedies occurring on the dreadful Sunday, four people were killed in a minor plane crash.  They were heading to Kentucky airport.  Three of the people died right on the scene, and the fourth person passed away shortly after reaching the hospital.  Scene is completely locked up until FAA does an investigation of the crash on Monday morning.  Hopefully finding answers to what could have caused the crash, or why the plane went down.



bill gates

In brighter news, Arizona is feeling pretty lucky lately.  A firm owned by Bill Gates just recently bought land for $80 million in Arizona, of nearly 25,000 acres.  He said it is to build a “smart city.”  What is a smart city you ask?  Well we are all wondering what exactly it is that Bill Gates plans to do with this city.  There are so many technological advances, that we can only imagine what an entire “Smart city” will entail.  Maybe it’ll be similar to the smart car.  

smart car

For more information on Smart Cars click here



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