Feelings about Finals Week

Finals Week is upon us, Bees, and I know we all want to come out on top when it’s all over. We finally are near the end. With only a few days left of exams and projects standing between us and summer, this is the time to push ourselves.

Everyone know’s how this week goes. While survival tips on how to study are informative and helpful, here are some funny and relatable situations we might find our selves in this week as told by gifs. Hopefully this will help laugh through it all.

  1. Trying to relax but thinking about everything you have to do before schools over.   

2.  When you haven’t started the end of the year project’s you had all semester to complete.

3.  Cramming all of the information you learned during the whole semester.


4. Taking a study break that turns from 5 minutes to an hour or so…. 

5.  That overwhelming feeling you get after studying for hours..

6. Really needing that one thing to get you through this week…. 

7. Seeing a question on your exam  THAT WAS NOT COVERED ON THE STUDY GUIDE.

8. When you try to motivate yourself that you can do it!

9. When you only have one more final holding you back from summer.

10. Walking out of your last final like …..ITS OVER.




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