10 Things every college student should do this Summer!

For college students, summer is a time to relax, see the family and make money. Those three months are the best out of the year because you don’t have to worry about homework and you get to sleep in your own bed! Even though you want to relax this summer, there are ten things that everyone should try and do in these upcoming months.

1. Spend as much time as possible with your family

You don’t get to see your family that much, so make sure you spend time with them. Especially if they are paying for your school, that is one big blessing, and they deserve at least a lunch with their kid.

2. Reconnect with High School friends.

This is the time when everyone is going to be home at the same time, so why not meet up for coffee or even a hangout session. Make an effort to see your friends and see how their new lives are going.

3. Get an internship

Whether it is paid or not, an internship is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your resume. You are getting your name out in the world, and if you do a good job, that company will remember you and maybe even offer you a job. Even if you don’t want to or don’t like it, do it anyways. It looks amazing on your resume, and someday you will thank yourself.

4. Find a new Hobby

Whether you get an internship or not, find a new hobby that is resume worthy. Find something that will benefit you and your resume and something that you will enjoy in the future.

5. Stay connected with your college friends.

Don’t throw your college friends away because you are with your hometown friends. You need to stay connected, so the next year isn’t awkward and also, so you have friends the next year.


Even if you don’t think you have the money, there are places you can go to for free or for really cheap. Traveling is one way to see other cultures and get to know this world. Don’t let lack money stop you from touring this world.

7. Read a book

Summer gives you free time, so use it wisely. Read books and read a lot of them. Reading books makes you smarter and more intelligent in your study. If you start to learn what your major is and what you can do with it, it will make life so much easier.

8. Go Star gazing

This is one of the best things you can do either alone or with friends. Stargazing is just one way to relax and see God’s great creation. Whether you are alone or with your friends, you get to just lay there and wonder about outer space.

9. Take a week off.

Whether you have a job or an internship, ask your boss for a week or even a long weekend off. You have been going hard for nine months, you need a break. Take this week or weekend to just relax and get caught up on house work. Sometimes we need to lay down and enjoy life.

10. Make a budget

We can all relate to the “Broke college student” phrase. Since most of us are going to be living at home, start a budget. There are multiple phone apps that you can download and multiple websites you can use for free! Don’t just cry about not having money, do something about it!


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