5 of The Best Things To Do This Summer!

With only a couple weeks left of the school year, it is time to start thinking about summer plans! Warm weather and no class make it so easy to do fun things in the summer. Sitting at home bored all summer is not fun so here are some of the best things to do this summer!

1. Go to a Music Festival


Musical festivals are a great way to get together with all of your friends and enjoy a day filled with good music and the sun. Be sure to wear sunscreen and stay hydrated! Some popular music festivals that many college students attend in the summer are Lollapalooza, Summer Fest, Bonnaroo, and PiqNiq. A few different artists that are featured at these music festivals this year are Chance the Rapper, The Chainsmokers, The Weeknd, The 1975, and many more!

2. Go Swimming


One of the most popular activities in the summer is swimming. There is nothing like jumping into a cool body of water on a hot summer day. Pool parties and spending the day on a lake is a perfect way to hang out with friends and enjoy the sun.

3. Celebrate the Fourth of July


The perfect way to celebrate the Fourth of July is either at a lake, at a cookout, or with family and friends. The day is jam packed with cookouts, yard games, and fireworks. So many people love to celebrate and this a great day to do it.

4. Camping


Going camping is one of the best ways to spend a summer night. Lying under the stars, sitting by the fire, or just eating S’mores is such a good way to get with friends and enjoy summer nights. There are many local campgrounds, or you could be adventurous and travel far.

5. Family Vacation


Going on a family vacation is perfect in the summer. Spending time with your family either exploring a new place or going to your favorite place is perfect in the summer. Your family has to go most of the school year without you so connecting with them in the summer is fun for everyone. Whether you visit a National Park, go the beach, or an amusement park spending time with your family will be the best part about it.


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