What to Expect at House Crawl

It’s that time of the year again where St Ambrose get its title: most underrated party school in the country. House Crawl is a tradition here at St Ambrose that brings students together in a common thing that they all love to do, drink. Get your cute red, white, and blue outfits on because this is what to expect when attending this crazy event.
According to the Facebook page, there will be around 600 people attending this year. That is a pretty large group in small back yards. Expect a rowdy crowd especially around the kegs. Like real life bees House Crawl attendees are attracted to flowers, well kegs. With this crowd though you should expect a great time filled with unique people who tend to dance awkwardly. Also, expect to meet new people!

The sun can surprise you so be cautious of the sneaky sun. Trust me you don’t want to wake up the next morning in even more pain. I would bring a drawstring bag filled with sunscreen, water, Band-Aids, and snacks. There will probably be kind people handing out Gatorade and water but I wouldn’t count on it so bring some water! Speaking of protection bring sunglasses, you’ll be more comfortable and it adds to your cute outfit.

Buckets Full of Sweet Drinks
Oh, the great coolers and buckets filled to the rim with alcohol, wonderful. They are delicious but they can sneak up on you, so don’t drink a lot of them. Make sure to drink some water, or beer, between the dangerous juice. Also, remember to always check your cup before drinking just in case a leaf fell in the bucket.

The Parade

It’s not a literal parade but it is still pretty cool. Imagine 600 hundred peopleScreen-Shot-2016-04-26-at-9.38.42-PM walking down the streets around the same time. Everyone is loud and obnoxious in this “parade,” but I think its my favorite part of House Crawl!


I hope this helped make a clearer picture of what to expect while attending House Crawl. Remember to be safe, have fun, and listen to the Stinger.


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