Get to know one of Ambrose’s own!

He might be your professor, or he might be your advisor, but if you don’t know him, then meet

 Jim Baumann

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 12.22.42 PM.png

Jim Baumann is an Associate Professor in the Communication Department here at St. Ambrose. Here are some things to know about Jim!

“I like hanging out with my family, cleaning my cars, traveling and a good beer.”

  • Jim is originally from Dubuque, IA
  • He attended University of Dubuque for his Bachelors Degree, Indiana State University for his Masters Degree, and completed school at Bowling Green State University to earn his PHD.
  • At SAU, Jim teaches three courses: Survey Human Communications , Organizational Communications, and PR Cases and Research.
  • Jim’s favorite thing about SAU is the students he teaches and advises.
  • He likes to read THE BUZZ! 🙂 
  • Jim is a huge bears fan.
  • He enjoys watching Indy and Formula car races.
  • He LOVES BMWs.
  • Over spring break, Jim went on a trip to Los Angeles. While there he visited the presidential library, went to the colosseum, saw the mountains and went to the beach.

Overall , Jim is one of the amazing people here at St. Ambrose that contributes to making this university so great!



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