Meet Your Fellow Bee

Have you ever dreamed of listening to your own music whenever you want to hear it? How about being a radio DJ? Meet SAU junior, Crystal Miller. One of KALA’s very own

Radio DJs.

“In high school I always thought it would be cool to have my own radio show so I could play something other than just the usual pop hits,” Crystal said, “I also enjoy that I can add my own favorite songs to the Stinger.”

On her radio show you can find just that, alternative rock music. r&b hits and some pop.

She is a junior studying Radio & TV Production and Strategic Communications. Crystals dream job is to run the lights and audio for a music production.

But in the meantime, when you get a late night craving for Whitey’s, you will most likely find Crystal making your yummy shake. That is when she is not working her own radio show. She is a supervisor at Whitey’s Ice Cream and has been there for the last five years.

“When it’s busy at Whitey’s I feel like I am trapped by all the people who are waiting for their ice cream,” Cry
stal said, “I feel like I am in a zoo because kids and picky people will watch you the entire time you’re making their ice cream.”

Remember that the next time, you’re anxiously awaiting your well-deserved ice cream.

The next time you’re at Whitey’s, jamming out to The Stinger, or walking around campus, give your fellow bee, Crystal a wave.


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