Getting used to the new catalog

As of this year, we’ll still mostly be using Beeline in order to register for our Fall 2017 classes. However, with some changes to the system coming soon, Beeline will not longer be the default registration tool for next school year. Instead, the registration section is changing to be your MySAU Portal.

Right now, the Portal has the course catalog in it. What I’ll be doing is walking you through how to use the course catalog in preparation for next year.

1.) Firstly, login to, and click on the Search and Register for classes link. It’s impossible to miss.

search and register

The Search and Register section might also appear under Student Applications next year, as Portal itself is receiving some slight visual updates. 


2.) This will take you to the course catalog. However, as this is the self-service screen, it might also take you to the Home Page. To get from the home page to the course catalog, simply click on the academics panel on the left side of your screen.

course catalog2

Your self-service is where you update emergency contact information, make requests for transcripts, and edit bank info. 


3.) Click on this will open the full course catalog. In the course catalog is the entire list of all courses being offered that semester. Your first step is going to be to select the field you are looking for classes in (i.e. Chemistry, Communications, Engineering, etc.). For this example I selected the Communications classes.


Some sections will only have one or two courses in them, depending on the semester.


4.) From this section, you can sort it out by all kinds of things on the side! You can search for classes via days of the week, times in the day, what instructors teach them, and more. Can’t wait for another class with Alan Sivell? Check out what he’s teaching that semester! Once you’ve found the class, you can click on it in order to see the full listing. For some 300 and 400 level classes, there will only be one time slot available. However, for some 100 and 200 level classes, there might be many times available.

comm 2

Some classes, depending on when you are looking at the catalog, will not have full information available yet. Rooms, times, and professors, sometimes are last minute (relatively speaking) decisions.


5.) Finally, when you know the class and know the time, you can click on it to get more info. In future, this will also be the place where you register for classes.

course itself

This is the full info on the specific class. Seats available, where it is taught, and a quick description of your course — to make sure you’re taking the right one. 


Well I hope that helped! Spend a little time this semester getting fully used to it, so that when the changes hit next year you’re not too surprised!

Happy registration, Bees!


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