10 Tips for an easy Regristration

April has arrived and that means fall registration is just around the corner. Here at St. Ambrose, registration starts Wednesday, April 5. If you didn’t know that, you are welcome! This time of the year is very stressful as we all know. All of our professors are throwing those final projects at us and there is no time to think about next semester. On top of that, the weather is getting nice outside and no one wants to be cooped up in their advisor’s office.

To help make registration easier and shorter, we have provided 10 tips for you so you can be outside in no time!

Do the research before seeing your advisor

Go into your meeting with your advisor with all of your research done. Know what classes you need to take and when those classes are available. If you need help, then that is what your advisor is for, but you should know the gist of what classes you are going to take the next semester.

Know what you want

You might have to take classes you don’t want to take, but there are some classes that you get to choose. Those art classes that are a pain in the butt, but you still have to take them are okay because you get to pick which one you are going to take. So, know what you want to take when you walk into that meeting.

Make sure you don’t have restrictions

When you go and see your advisor, make sure you don’t have any restrictions. Some classes require you to take lower level courses before taking the 300 level ones. Make sure you are caught up before registration or there will be trouble.

Take the courses you don’t want to take in the fall

There are going to be courses that you do not want to take at all, but you have too! I strongly advise you to take those classes in the fall because come spring time your mind will be half shut off and you will dread the class even more than you did in the fall.

Get your electives out of the way

There are some electives that are super boring and long, but if you get them out of the way then your senior year will be a lot more fun. Take those silly electives and actually listen because they may not be as silly as you think.

Make sure your classes are on your preferred list

Before your registration date, make sure that all of your classes are on your preferred list. This makes it so much easier to get into classes because when the doors open all you have to do is hit submit.

Register alone

The best advice I could give you is to register alone! You don’t need any distractions when you are pressing submit. It is stressful enough during this time, don’t make it worse by being distracted and not getting into your classes.

Make sure you have good WIFI

It is the worse when you are trying to submit your classes and the internet goes out. Make sure you are in a place that the internet won’t go out or have glitches.

Be on time

If you aren’t on time then there is a very high chance you won’t get into the classes you need. They fill up very fast and you don’t want to miss that! Schedule your time and make sure you are there.

Have plan B’s 

Always have plan B’s because if you are unlucky then you might not get into a class that you planned on. There is no time to sorrow if you didn’t get into the class you want, you have to hurry and go find your plan B so you won’t be short a credit.

As registration comes to us, don’t worry and just relax. As long as you have all of these tips in your head and are prepared for hitting the submit button then you will be fine!


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