Three Ways to Stay Active

It’s almost bathing suit season! Get ready with the Stinger app and these three fun ways to get active!

  • Try one of St Ambrose’ fitness classes. These allow you to work out in a fun environment with friends. One of my favorites are the Zumba classes. They are a different way to work out that allows you to be silly. For those who want to relax while stretching your body there are yoga classes as well. St Ambrose’ yoga classes are open to beginners and experts combined. Take some of your friends to these classes and make it every week thing. Having a schedule workout every week will help you keep on track.


  • Listen to the Stinger app while going on a walk around Vander Veer park. It’s an easy walk around, which adds up to a mile. This walk could also be a run perfect for beginners. This run/walk is not overwhelming at all, it allows you to easily pace yourself. Another walk/ run you can do in the Quad Cities is the bike path that runs next to the river. This is a beautiful walk to allows you to see more of the Quad Cities. Listening to The Stinger will help push yourself on these run/walks with its unique variety of music.200w_d
  • Go to the gym and create a personalized workout. This workout would be made for you by you. This can be fun because only you know what works for you. If you want to run on the treadmill for 10 minutes and then do ten sets of abs, then do that workout! You do have to remember to challenge yourself and to not do the same thing every day. Create a calendar with workouts that you could do, this allows you to plan and not be rush for time at the gym. Also, remember your gym body, The Stinger!


Don’t forget to get the Stinger App!


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