Why Being a TV/Radio Major is the Best

St. Ambrose has a wide diversity of different majors here on campus but one of the best ones is being a TV/Radio major, here are 8 reasons why.

  1. You Get Great Experience: As a TV/Radio major, you get great experience working on campus with the actual equipment you will be using in real life.
  2. The TV Set: For those of you that didn’t know, there is a fully working TV studio down in the basement of Galvin that students not only get to run but also get practice being in front of the cameras as well.

tvcontrol4 3. The Radio Station: St. Ambrose is home to KALA broadcasting station along with the online radio, The Stinger. This allows students to get a chance to work be heard live on air with their own shows while fine tuning their skills.


4. Duke, Jon, & Johnna: These three are a triple threat when it comes to helping students learn how to properly use and run the equipment down at SAUTV.

5. Ken & Dave: Without these two brilliant minds are helping influence the future radio show hosts of tomorrow up in radio.

6. KALA Interns: Radio offers a chance for a few students a year to become KALA interns and work up in the radio station along with going out into the QCA at events like Boo at the Zoo. Oh, and did we mention it’s paid!

7. SAUTV Work Studies: Just like up in Radio, SAUTV offers a work study job to a few students a year who are willing to help in the station and make sure the broadcasts are running smoothly, this one is also paid!

8. The Alumni: SAUTV and Radio are lucky enough to be blessed with having not two, not three but FOUR SAU Alumni who have come back and want to help current SAU students have success like they did. Those four are Duke, Ken, Dave, and Johnna. If you want to read up a little more on this click here!


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