Lets Jazz it Up!

Radio is media that brings a voice in a studio into a car, a home, a phone. KALA prides itself to reach to the people of the quad cities area. They wouldn’t be able to keep entertaining the area if it wasn’t for the help of the student and community volunteers. Each volunteer has the ability to run their own show on either the Stinger or KALA.

Community volunteers are usually members of the jazz community. They pridefully talk time out of their way in order to help spread the music they love. Each community volunteer has a time slot in which they can share their voice and music to the community for a certain amount of time. Jazz has become an unappreciated type of music genre because of these volunteers Jazz is becoming known in the quad cities area.  Some Jazz shows here at St Ambrose are hours of Smooth Jazz, Jazz at night, and Jazz variations. These unique shows help create new opportunities for KALA.

Jazz events seek KALA for sponsors, and also asks KALA to DJ at their events. A recent event that KALA attending was The Smooth Jazz Valentines Concert, this concert was connected to the Smooth Jazz Series which hosts different Jazz events throughout the year. Having this partnership really helps KALA and the Stringer to spread throughout QCA and become a household name in that area.

KALA doesn’t just do Jazz, they have a big variety of music because they have a big variety of student’s volunteers! There are nontraditional students, students with a non-communications major, students who love news, students who love old music, and students who love new music. Every student has the ability to run their own show, how they would want it.

The people of St Ambrose loves KALA because of the variety it has, the volunteers that host, and the atmosphere it creates.


If you have any interest in joining The Stinger, e-mail TheStingerRadio@gmail.com. It would be a great way to try new things, make new friends, and learn new things! To listen to The Stinger click here.


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