Buzz into the Future

“The future.” It’s a thought that us as college students hate having in our heads. Soon we will all be graduated and taking on our first jobs. To ease this transition and ensure comfort in your new job, it is crucial to get experience in your field. As a communication major, a wonderful opportunity offered by St. Ambrose University is being a part of SAUtv. SAUtv is opportunity for students to get hands-on experience on the set or behind the scenes to ensure you feel prepared for your future career. Not only does this prepare you for your future, but it also looks great on a resume!


Students are able to work together to help write, produce, capture, and broadcast SAU community news.

If you don’t believe us, ask SAU communication majors that are taking advantage of the different aspects of SAUtv.

Junior, Oli Herra, expressed being grateful for this experience. Herra says, “the environment behind dateline: working with a small team, meeting tight deadlines, learning proper broadcast journalism techniques, post-production skills, and overall professional expectations all prepare me for what to expect when I enter the field.”

Junior, Kasey Zelinski, also feels as if her time with SAUtv will benefit her in the long run. Zelinski says, “Since, I am a radio/TV minor, my time with SAUtv has helped me gain the experience I needed with television production, and has made me confident in being able to use my skills in the future.”

Whether it be working behind a camera, broadcasting, or writing the script, SAUtv’s opportunities will help ease this change and better prepare you for your future career.


For more information, check out the link below about SAUtv!


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