Why Everyone at SAU Should Read the Buzz!


IMG_0523.JPGThe St. Ambrose University student newspaper, the Buzz, is a beneficial read for everyone in the campus community. Whether you are a student, or a professor, there is something in the Buzz for all of us. Here is a list a reason’s as to why the Buzz is worth the read:

  1.  You are informed about what is going on within the SAU community !
  2. You can learn something about a certain program on campus that you didn’t know before!
  3. You are opened up to new ideas presented by students and professors!
  4. The Buzz gives information on different things happening in our world and society!
  5. It also informs you of different things going on in the Quad Cities!
  6. You could learn something beneficial to your life!
  7. Get filled in on whats going on with athletics and certain athletes!
  8. You can learn something new about one of your professors !
  9. Discover upcoming events and places to check out in the neighborhood
  10. Have a stronger connection with your fellow BEES!

Check out the Buzz to learn more about your campus and feel connected to our school!

The Buzz is the official student-run newspaper of St. Ambrose University. Under adviser Alan Sivell, The Buzz stands for free speech, and the responsibility of a nation to have an informed public. The Buzz does not necessarily represent the opinions and stances of St. Ambrose University. The Buzz comes out on the first and third Thursday of every month during the semester. Visit The Buzz online at www.sauthebuzz.com.



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