Don Schneider aka “Duke”


Don Schneider aka “Duke” graduated from St. Ambrose in the year of 1976. After graduation, most college students try to get away from their college but not Duke. He started working for SAU’s radio station, KALA, as a part-time employee. That didn’t last long because in 1979 Ambrose asked him to join their team and become an instructor. He started teaching radio and television production classes and loved every minute of it!

“My favorite thing about teaching is being able to meet students that eventually become lifelong friends. I will be out in public and students of the past come up and tell me what they are up to now and it is one of the best feelings,” Duke says.

duke          If you can’t find Duke in the basement of Galvin, then he is mostly doing something related to a camera. His hobbies are all related to some type of television or radio, he loves photography and anything that has to do with the radio. He also works as a freelancer for Mediacom, so he is always with a camera.

Not only does Duke love cameras, but he also loves his wife and daughter. Duke married his wife, Gail, 28 years ago and they had one daughter. His daughter, Ingrid, is 23 and graduated from Augustana.

Some fun facts about Duke are that his favorite color is blue and he loves to eat Jims ribs whenever he has a chance. Even though the David Letterman show is not on the air anymore, Duke loved to watch the late night show every night. Not only does he love to watch it, his name was mentioned on the show once. Letterman had asked people to tweet questions to him and he would pick his favorite and read them to the crowd. Duke tweeted, “What advice do you give to college students that are pursuing broadcasting careers.” Letterman read the question out loud and Duke will never forget hearing his name on nationwide TV.

Not only is Duke a great professor, but he is also a beloved mentor and friend. He is willing to help the students and he always wants what’s best for them.

“Duke is one of the most supportive and helpful teachers there is. As long as you are willing to put in the work and the effort he will always be there to help and guide you to be the best you can be,” student Abbey Nimrick says.


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