A Full Circle Ending

 Flashback Friday with Dave, Duke, & Ken

There are not very many staff members on campus who can say they have been here before most of the buildings on campus, but for Dave Baker ‘88, Ken Colwell ‘73, and Duke Schneider ‘76 it couldn’t be truer.


(Left to Right) Dr. Ken Colweel, Duke Schneider, Dave Baker and Jason Marchik




These three Ambrose alums have been calling SAU home for most of their adult lives. After graduating from Ambrose, the men slowly made their way back to start giving back to the school they called home for four years. They live and breathe all things communication.

“As a student, I was given many opportunities. I had the chance to come back and give that to someone else. I think Duke and Dave feel the same way. That’s why we’re here” Colwell says.

Duke oversees the television portion and operations of the studio. But, Duke doesn’t do it all by himself. He has the help of chief engineer Jon Anderson and production specialist Johnna Kerres who is an SAU alum as well.

“There’s a real sense of reward, to see all the grads that go through here and what they’re doing now. I had a small part in that, and it’s so neat to see them succeed,” Schneider says.

Ken was in the first graduating class at Ambrose with the major of Radio/TV in the early 70s. During which he had his very own radio show and keys to the department. After teaching at high schools for a few years Ken returned to Ambrose and has yet to leave. He is now the general manager for KALA, SAU’s radio station, and is passing his wisdom onto new Bees.

Dave now not only works side by side with Ken and Duke, but he was also taught by them. As operation manager for KALA Dave has learned the ins and outs of the communication department early on from being a student dee-jay to working for the Buzz, Ambrose’s school newspaper.

“I had a really good experience, led by Ken and Duke, doing things I wouldn’t have done otherwise,” Baker says.

These three alums are keeping the magic alive down in the Galvin Fine Arts Center by teaching the next generations of great radio and TV stars. Who knows, maybe they are even teaching the ones who will take over for them one day.


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