A Preview of The Buzz

The Buzz comes out this Thursday, and here are some of the changes to expect in this semester’s first issue.

Staff Changes

The first change is a change in staff positions. Amanda Bertolozzi graduated in the fall semester, and taking over as the Chief Editor is Hannah Blaser (@HannahBlaser). Hannah is a senior.

Also, we are adding a new managing editor, Mary Roche, and a staff member dedicated to taking photos, Katie Tingleff.

Section Changes

We have removed the “Fashion” page, and replaced it with a “Business” page. The hope is to have articles centered around practical money management for college students, as well as info about credit cards and loans for when they graduate.

Design Changes

There were a few design changes to The Buzz as well. The head logo has changed slightly, and the teaser stories at the top have been removed. Because we are a smaller paper, there is only going to be one feature story per issue, which will be highlighted underneath the date.

Also, the paper will be upgrading its looks with graphic design major Deone Danzy and artist John Molinero will be helping out with custom graphics and designs.

Where / When can I get it?

Great question! The Buzz comes out every other Thursday, and is distributed around campus. You can also visit. www.sauthebuzz.com to read the articles online!

To finish up, here’s a great quote from the legendary Jerry Seinfeld:

It’s amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper.

The Buzz is the official student-run newspaper of St. Ambrose University. Under adviser Alan Sivell, The Buzz stands for free speech, and the responsibility of a nation to have an informed public. The Buzz does not necessarily represent the opinions and stances of St. Ambrose University. The Buzz comes out on the first and third Thursday of every month during the semester. Visit The Buzz online at www.sauthebuzz.com.

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