A Look Into The Station

KALA and The Stinger are the radio stations of St Ambrose University. The stations are hitting their 50th-year anniversary this year. This is all thanks to the faculty, community volunteers, and students that help run the stations. Both the Stinger and KALA have a variety of music for all kinds of listeners.

KALA-FM is a non-commercial radio station. It transmits on 88.5 MHz operating at 10,000 Watts, serving the Quad- City area and other areas. KALA broadcasts two HD channels KALA HD-1 and KALA HD- 2. KALA HD-1 offers a digital version of the main KALA programming channel, while KALA HD-2 offers a secondary programming not heard on the main frequency.

The stinger is the online radio station here at St Ambrose. The Stinger offers the hottest music for you to enjoy while studying. Music that you actually want to hear according to the Stinger website. The website is where you can find the stinger and by simply clicking, click to listen, you can hear the station that is solely run by bees for bees.


With these stations, a listener can enjoy smooth jazz, electric, gospel, and lots more. There is a station for every kind of listener. There is also a station for every student who wants to volunteer their time as a DJ for KALA or the Stinger. Students have the opportunity to choose what kind of station they want to play. Student-run stations can be news oriented or a specific music of their choosing. Every student is taught the specifics of how to run the station, and eventually, they self-teach the rest. Students will learn how to select music, talk, and take calls on the radio.

Any student has the opportunity to join the team. Any means any major, any levels. It is a space to expand your comfort zones and  a space to be yourself.

Become a DJ, if your interesting of getting involved with these radios email – TheStingerRadio@gmail.com


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